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Stem Mastering

With stem mastering you can let us process your individual mix buses, do the summing and mastering. This gives us more flexibility and control over the end result. For stem mastering you provide us with up to 10 stereo bus tracks, preferable produced in 48Khz/24bit uncompressed (WAV) audio format.

Before sending your audio file please also note:

  • There must be at least -3dBFS (full scale) peak level of headroom, but -6dB of headroom would be ideal.
  • No limiter! There must be some dynamics to work with, so there can’t be a limiter or clipper already applied.
  • Preferable don’t use dynamic processors like (multi-band) compressors on your master bus. If dynamic processing is essential for your sound, then again take into account that the mastering needs some dynamics left to process.
  • For best results insert some silence before and after your track.
  • The file must be of a lossless/uncompressed format, preferable WAV or AIFF.
  • The file must be at least 44Khz/16bit, preferable 48Khz/24bit.
  • Preferable: Mention the BPM of the track.